Business Donations

Throughout our history, many businesses have chosen to donate their time, resources, and expertise to help the gardens of Olivette. You and your business can donate:

Tangible Items — Your surplus inventory can help in many ways! Programs that we offer to volunteers are always in need of door prizes. Gift cards are another way to express that you care. We can handle the distribution and you get the tax deduction.

Services — We can always use the help of service people including lending a hand with garden maintenance, edging, fountain repair, and hauling. Donating your expertise and knowledge is a big plus for us!

Time — Some companies donate the time of their employees for a day or more to accomplish some of the much-needed tasks in our gardens. Our gardens could use this donation!

Loaned Executives — A company executive is a valuable resource! Your company's knowledge allows you to share cutting-edge ideas and talents within our board of directors. It helps shape our work for years to come.

The dedicated support and generous endeavors of the business community is an invaluable resource...and a gift we welcome with great enthusiasm! Please help Olivette in Bloom by making a tax-deductible contribution today

If your company would like to support Olivette in Bloom, please email: