Here you will find information and pictures of the gardens and parks Olivette In Bloom maintains.

  • Olivette Community Center

    Developed by Jasmine Fazzari

    The Olivette Community Center is located on the North side of Grandview (North of Olive on Warson to Grandview). The Olivette In Bloom team has cultivated the front circle.

  • Stacy Park

    Developed by Marcia Carpenter

    Stacy Park is located at the Southwest corner of Olive and Old Bonhomme. This park is the home to St. Louis City's Resevoir. The Olivette In Bloom team have cultivated the parking lot's garden beds.

    Stacy Park has a playground, gazebo, picnic tables, bench swings, extensive trails, baseball, soccer, and hoops (basketball without the court) facilities. During the summer several groups hold meetings and other gatherings in the park.

  • Veteran's Memorial Garden

    Developed by Susan Grossman and Peter Hoch

    Veteran's Memorial Garden is located at the Southeast corner of Dielman Rd and Olive Street Rd. The garden is a tribute to the soldiers of Olivette who died in World War II.