Stacy Park Veteran's Park Olivette Community Center
•Saturday April 29th: Spring Native Plant Sale at Stacy Park - 9:00 until we are sold out. Last year, we sold over 500 plants in 1 hour! So be sure to come on time!
•Volunteers are needed to help with the gardens. Please check the OIB calendar for dates.

In April of 2000, a group of Olivette residents interested in gardening and in their community came together to form Olivette in Bloom (OIB). The group's mission is to promote the natural beauty and harmony in the community of Olivette by designing, planting, and maintaining garden sites in selected public grounds.

Organizational Structure

Olivette in Bloom is a non-profit (501c3) organization. We are registered in the State of Missouri. Our Bylaws delineate the responsibilities of officers.

We design and maintain the gardens, raise the money for plant material through individual donations, buy and install the plants, and maintain the sites during the year. OIB works closely with and appreciates the support of the City of Olivette. s during the year.
"God loved the flowers and invented soil. Man loved the flowers and invented vases."
— Variation of a saying